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How tegos guarantees your success

Optimise business processes

Optimising business processes is often a challenging task, as every company is unique and has individual requirements. However, lack of efficiency can lead to increased costs and reduced profits.

tegos solution

As experts in the field of circular economy, we understand the specific challenges of your industry. We analyse your existing processes, identify potential for improvement and help you implement them.

Resistance to change

In the digital era, it is essential to digitise business processes to remain competitive. However, this can often be a complex and intimidating task, especially if you do not have the necessary expertise.

tegos solution

With our expertise in digital transformation, we accompany you on the path to digitalisation. We advise you on the best strategies and help you implement new technologies.

Change Management

In times of change, running a business can be very challenging. Adjustments and changes in work processes can cause confusion and affect productivity.

tegos solution

We proactively support you in change management through workshops, training and continuous monitoring. We help you to plan, communicate and successfully implement change.

Customised softwareStandard software
Ability to adapt

Tailor-made, meets specific requirements and needs.

Standard functions, limited customisation possible.

Deployment time

Longer development time, tailored to your requirements.

The standard software is already developed and can therefore be implemented more quickly.


High initial investment, and monthly fees for technically required continuous updates, as well as automatic testing.

Inexpensive purchase, constant monthly costs through a subscription model


Specific and direct support for your individual solution.

Provides general support, benefits from large user base and knowledge base.


Scalable through manual further adjustments to the individual software.

Market requirements are taken into account and the standard software is proactively expanded. Further add-ons and additional modules are available and offer high scalability.

Excellence through efficiency: Transform your business processes with tegosgroup

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