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Simova Add-Ons

Expand your individual tegossuite with the document management system DMS by Simova. It facilitates and accelerates access to documents by filing them in digital form and providing them with metadata. Add images, complaints, external delivery notes to your own documents and access them directly from enwis. Automatically archive your invoices, offers and incoming invoices created in enwis and captured via Document Capture (see below).

More information about the DMS solution from Simova

EDS stands for “Electronic Delivery Solution”, the electronic dispatch of business documents. As part of your individual tegossuite configuration, it allows you to send e.g. offers, orders, invoices, payment reminders, order confirmations or credit notes electronically from the application with a wide range of customisation options. All stored and order-related documents are sent directly with the invoice as an attachment. With the included XSD tool, invoices can be sent directly in XML standard formats such as ZUGFeRD or XInvoice.

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DPS (Data Publishing Solution) is the digital customer portal on the tegossuite. Expand your enwis solution with DPS to enable your customers and business partners to view, research and create contracts and orders in self-service. DPS is fully integrated into tegossuite so that data does not have to be entered twice. External suppliers can, for example, carry out quantity reports. You can also provide partners with evaluations or documents.

More information about the DPS solution from Simova

Retrieving relevant information, such as open orders or invoices, from the system in parallel with an incoming call is a familiar problem for most employees with direct customer or business partner contact by telephone. CTI by Simova links the telephone system with the CRM master data and shows you directly who is calling and offers you jumping-off points to all relevant tables or documents with just one click.

More information about the CTI solution from Simova

DVS by Simova is the digital routing slip. Yellow post-its with which information or tasks are passed on to a colleague are quickly lost. DVS optimises internal communication and transparently keeps track of where and in which status the entry is currently located. With DVS, you can easily create, distribute and edit questions, information and tasks.

More information about the DVS solution from Simova


When sending documents electronically from Business Central, documents archived in DMS by Simova can also be sent directly. This is particularly helpful when sending documents that accompany invoices, such as weighing slips.



A DPS customer portal already offers many possibilities, but with the Connector App DMStoDPS, documents archived in the DMS can also be made available in the portal for direct download without having to provide them manually. Documents can also be received via the portal and filed directly in the DMS for the corresponding document.



The automatic registration and processing of incoming invoices significantly facilitates the work of financial accounting staff. If Simova’s document management system is used in parallel, the processed documents can be automatically stored in the digital archive in the background – even audit-proof if desired.



In addition to the release workflows delivered by Continia as standard, further questions, tasks or information requirements often arise during the processing procedure, which can be managed via the smart tool DVS. With the Connector App, these DVS entries can be created directly on the document journal or the generated incoming invoice.

More information about the CON solution from Simova

tegossuite Add-Ons

Cover the processes in the area of electronic waste verification with the eANV solution NSUITE, which is completely integrated in tegossuite. All data is located directly in enwis – the signature takes place directly in the system.

Use the tegossuite AvaL interface for the standardised “exchange of order-related performance data”. Gain access to a common, comprehensive infrastructure for the exchange of information in the waste management industry and optimise communication between waste management companies, as well as data exchange with customers and authorities. In addition to an IT interface, AvaL includes a standardised data structure with standardised designations for master data (containers, materials, etc.).

Rapid (re)planning and reliable, fast planning often make the decisive difference in competition. This is where even the most experienced dispatcher quickly starts to sweat. Expand your tegossuite with a complete dispatching solution for route planning that covers the entire range of your operational scenarios, from simple tasks to complex planning scenarios, all the way to the use of innovative telematics solutions for the graphical visualisation of routes.

The Yard M.E. App integrated into the platform is the mobile application for your warehouse and yard employees. The goods receiving process is digitalised and even more efficient. The Yard M.E. App helps our customers to increase the volume throughput. With the Yard M.E. App, the paper routing slip is replaced and invoices can be issued sooner. Weighing can be carried out via the app and the material is assessed with photos or directly re-declared.

At the scale, the signature pad is integrated directly into the process and results in shorter waiting times and higher volume throughput. The integration of the signature pad is part of the digital workflow and enables the digital signing of weigh slips directly at the scale. The signature is digitally stored in the document management system

tegossuite Reporting is the ultimate source of information to get the most out of your data. With tegossuite Reporting you directly access the data from the tegossuite cloud solution and get a template optimised for Microsoft PowerBI to display the most important industry KPIs.

Microsoft Add-Ons

The Power Platform suite, consisting of Power BI, PowerApps and PowerAutomate, is a powerful collection of business analytics, application development and automation tools that help our customers make data-driven decisions, build custom solutions and streamline workflows.


Power BI enables our customers to collect data from multiple sources, analyse it, and visualise it in interactive dashboards and reports. This enables them to make informed decisions and refine their business strategy. The cloud application can be customised and extended by trained users at our customers’ sites without any programming knowledge.


PowerApps enable the creation of device-independent apps for non-programmers, so that apps can be created for users in a modular fashion. PowerApps are used by our customers, among other things, to map processes in the depot, or for sales to record visit reports. The PowerApps are fully integrated into the platform and can access all data from the tegossuite and the entire Microsoft platform.


PowerAutomate enables automation of recurring processes and workflows integrated into the Microsoft platform. It allows you to define rules and dependencies to automate workflows and notifications.

All tegossuite applications are connected on the cloud platform and access the same data. Microsoft 365 is an integrated suite of productivity and collaboration tools that helps companies work more efficiently and communicate better. With a combination of Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and cloud-based services like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive solution for real-time collaboration, file sharing, and secure communications. Benefit from continuous updates, cross-platform availability, and the flexibility to customise Microsoft 365 to your unique business needs to increase productivity and future-proof your workplace.

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive, flexible and secure cloud computing platform that helps enterprises optimise their business processes. With a wide range of services including compute, storage, databases, AI, IoT, and analytics, Azure enables the development, management, and deployment of applications on a global scale. Take advantage of the scalability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation that Microsoft Azure offers to align your business for the future and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Partner Add-Ons

Automate the capture and processing of your invoices and your XML as well as PDF documents up to the allocation of incoming invoices directly to subcontractor orders in the tegossuite. Continia Document Capture’s document recognition and capturing system optimises and accelerates process flows while minimising manual data entry.

More information about Continia Document Capture

movatixPaperlessPickup enables paperless processing of disposal orders and synchronisation of the captured mobile data with your ERP system – even if there is no data connection in between (offline mode).

More information about the Movatix solution

Couplink is a cooperation and technology partner of enwis. Orders and tours can be transferred directly from enwis to Couplink. couplinkyourfleet ENTSORGER is a complete solution for the areas of container management, municipal and commercial waste disposal, bulky waste disposal, winter service and street cleaning and maps processes such as order transmission, route specification and bulk material logging as standard.

More information about the couplink solution

Do you operate a workshop on your premises or want to link the maintenance and servicing processes of plants with your ERP data? Then you should take a closer look at GLI Maintool, the optional addition to your individual solution available on tegossuite for exactly this purpose.

More information about the GLI Maintool

Complete your individual tegossuite with a fully integrated route optimisation for all municipal and commercial tours, i.e. also for those where the dispatch is not initiated in the ERP system. Your planning data is automatically optimised according to individual criteria via an external web service and then flows back into your enwis solution for further processing by the dispatcher.

More information about GTS route optimization

OPplus extends the Financial Management of Microsoft Business Central. A number of special convenience modules are available for enwis, such as import of bank statements, payment notifications with software-supported clearing of open items, payment proposal, file creation, accompanying documentation, postings in the common DTA formats or as SEPA and SEPA direct debit. The flexible management of debit/credit associations and central settlement also helps to make financial accounting processes efficient.

More information about the OP Plus solution

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Advantages of add-ons

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Customised solutions are possible through the individual configuration of our tegossuite add-ons, ideal for changing business requirements.

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Advanced Functionality

Our add-ons extend the base of Business Central, offering you versatility and adaptability for specific business needs.

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Security & Compliance

Our tegossuite add-ons comply with the strictest security standards and privacy policies, so you can benefit from advanced features worry-free.

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Cost Efficiency

By optimising processes and automating manual tasks with our tegossuite and partner add-ons, you reduce costs and increase your productivity at the same time.

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Our apps promote seamless integration and collaboration with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Power Platform, or Azure for streamlined data sharing.

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Easy installation and configuration of our add-ons allow you to quickly take advantage of new features and efficiently scale your business.

Our process for successful cooperation

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  1. Consultation & Needs Analysis

    In a free initial consultation, we capture your needs and goals, analyse your business processes and current situation, test the mutual suitability and gather information for a customised product presentation.

  2. Product Presentation

    We present tegossuite to you in a free demo, taking into account the insights and requirements developed together in the initial consultation.

  3. Onboarding Workshop

    In a 1-2 day workshop (on-site or online), we configure your customised tegossuite together with you. Our goal is to determine the project scope, the suitable platform solution, identify potential individual programming needs, and utilise Microsoft ecosystem standards. The results are documented and provided to you.

  4. Offer & Project Plan

    After the onboarding workshop, the collected insights are evaluated and the appropriate performance elements are determined. Based on this, we create an offer that takes into account your needs for licenses and services.

  5. Project Kickoff

    After the decision for a joint project to implement the tegossuite, we initiate the kick-off with you, thereby laying the foundation for a successful long-term relationship.

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