How tegossuite implements the new Intrastat requirements


As part of the free movement of goods within the EU, Intrastat reporting is used to provide insight into trade statistics data between EU member states.

Intrastat reporting depends on exemption thresholds that are country-specific and import/export-specific. Example: In Germany, companies are required to submit an Intrastat declaration if import is equal to or greater than EUR 800,000.00 and/or export is equal to or greater than EUR 500,000.00.

As of January 01, 2022, new requirements have now been placed on Intrastat declarations. For deliveries this is

1.) the display of the VAT ID number of the business partner as well as

2.) the presentation of the country of origin of the exported goods.


Handling in tegossuite: 

In order to simplify the creation of the declaration, the corresponding necessary data can be stored in the master data within tegossuite.

The VAT ID number can thus be stored for the business partner:

And the country of origin of the material can be entered on the corresponding master data:

However, since the country of origin can change between business processes, it is of course still possible to manually revise the Intrastat proposal before submission.

How do we receive the adjustment? 

Our tegossuite customers in the Microsoft Business Central Cloud (SaaS offering) have already received the necessary adjustments automatically as part of the regular updates.

Some customers with the existing enwis and comotor solutions have already been proactively advised of the necessary adjustments or have already received them. You are welcome to receive them as part of an active update & maintenance contract. Only the delivery and the merge into your productive or test database are to be priced.

If you still need the new adaptations for your enwis or Comotor solution, please contact your known contact person of the existing customer team or .