Moxba and Metrex are taking further steps into a digital future with the recycling of spent catalysts with the tegos group.

Comprehensive ERP transformation: comotor as stable core for product analysis, trade and warehouse logistics

Dortmund, 26th October 2020 – Complex recycling processes and an IT landscape that was no longer future-oriented prompted MOXBA and METREX to undertake a comprehensive transformation. Together with the industry expert tegos Group, both companies will map all digital process chains of their core business – the recycling of catalysts and other products containing metals. The aim of the introduction of the new system landscape is to create transparent and future-proof processes. In order to meet growing market requirements and to enable the associated integration of all processes, an industry-specific platform is required.

MOXBA and METREX, based in Almelo and Heerlen in the Netherlands, are specialized in the filtration of valuable substances in catalysts. From now on, this highly complex process is to be mapped in a single system – from goods receipt to analysis to trading. The requirement of both branches is a stable IT product that enables continuous innovation management. In addition to an implemented warehouse logistics system, in the future the Trader App will support key account managers in international stock exchange trading.

„For our understanding an integrated industry software is decisive for our further success. In the future we wish to map all processes automatically and from one source” said Marcel Maris, General Manager of the MOXBA-METREX Group. With the implementation of comotor, the foundation stone for successful digitization has been laid. The goal is to create homogeneous and sustainable processes with which MOXBA and METREX can successfully pursue their business.