Nedvang chooses tegos’ tegossuite solution for its operational processes in the Netherlands

Dortmund, 04.09.2023 Nedvang has decided to integrate tegos’ tegossuite solution into their operational processes. Nedvang is in the Netherlands responsible – on behalf of the Packaging Waste Fund – for registering, promoting and organizing the collection and recycling of all packaging waste in the Netherlands for many years and has decided to increase their efficiency and sustainability by using the latest technology.

The tegossuite is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for companies in the recycling and waste management sector. As the market leader in ERP for the recycling industry, tegossuite offers a wide range of features as an integrated platform solution. Using tegossuite enables companies to optimize their operations and minimize waste while complying with regulatory requirements.

In addition to tegossuite, Nedvang will use the Power Platform, a robust suite of low-code/no-code tools from Microsoft, to customise applications and automate various processes. This will enable Nedvang to optimise its workflows, manage data flows faster and drive informed decision-making, ultimately improving Nedvang’s ability to support sustainable management of packaging waste.

By choosing tegossuite and the Power Platform, Nedvang has opted for the latest technology to be able to respond faster to and better analyse the growing flow of data in the future. At the same time, it will enable further automation and optimization of internal processes.

“We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with tegos,” says Arie Den Besten, Finance Director of Nedvang. “By implementing tegossuite and the Power Platform, we aim to improve the insight and control of the waste management and recycling activities; especially to improve our decision-making process. . This collaboration reflects our commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

“We are proud that Nedvang has chosen the tegossuite solution,” said Ralf Linnemann, CEO of tegos. “Nedvang is a pioneer in the recycling industry and we are convinced that our software will help to further improve their operations and achieve their sustainability goals.”

About Nedvang:

Nedvang is the operational organization of Afvalfonds Verpakkingen (Packaging Waste Fund). Nedvang registers, stimulates and organizes the collection and recycling of packaging waste in the Netherlands. With reliable figures, targeted expertise and a broad network, Nedvang supports municipalities and waste companies in optimizing their performance and works towards a future-proof packaging recycling chain. Nedvang ensures the effective and efficient implementation of producer responsibility for packaging and thus contributes to the circular economy.

About tegos:

tegos is a renowned provider of software solutions for the recycling and waste management industry. With decades of experience, the company has developed a comprehensive range of solutions that enable recycling companies to operate more efficiently while reducing their impact on the environment.