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Completely new options with subscriptions

21. June 2018 — Tobias Kullmann
Contract models based on subscriptions are experiencing an outright boom right now. We only used to think of them in the context of newspapers and magazines, but nowadays you come across them all over the place. Just think about music or films, for example: instead of buying or downloading individual…

About the need for cloud monitoring using Microsoft Azure and Zabbix

4. June 2018 — Tobias Kullmann
There are several types of cloud services that need to be monitored. Cloud monitoring is not just about monitoring servers hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure. It is also very important to monitor the cloud-based services that companies use or sell and offer to their customers. For…

tegos Group announces new update for resource, recycling & waste management software solution enwis

14. May 2018 — Tobias Kullmann
Mai 2018 – With its latest enwis update tegos Group is on track to reach the next milestone in the comprehensive digitization of recycling and waste management. An industry that is currently racing to catch up in digital transformation is ready for the imminent release of the premium solution, enwis….

About the use of container virtualization (Docker) in the Azure Cloud

7. May 2018 — Tobias Kullmann
Dear Readers, Welcome to the first ever Techi-Monday blog post from the tegos Group. Each first Monday of the month, the Techi-Monday Blog is filled with an interesting topic and covers many fields of technology and cloud computing The first article deals with containers in application virtualization – an alternative to the…

Five ways Recycling companies can get more cash in the bank

12. April 2018 — Tobias Kullmann
Ever wondered how to get more cash into your bank account? It’s a question we ask ourselves on a regular basis. I recently observed a profitable company go out of business because they were not able to service their debt, which was saddening. Even if our business is not in…

Andy S. Evers leaves tegos Group

8. March 2018 — Tobias Kullmann
Dortmund, March 2018 – Andy Soeren Evers, authorized signatory and responsible for the tegos Group’s „International Development“ division, leaves the group of companies after 11 years. After 11 years, Andy S. Evers leaves the tegos Group to face new challenges. During his time at tegos Group, Mr. Evers was instrumental…

New software solution leads the way into the digital future

12. May 2017 — Tobias Kullmann
Since the end of 2016, Reukema, with its head office in the Dutch city of Harderwijk, has worked with Tegos’ premium solution comotor. The innovative traditional firm on its way to the digital future was looking for a partner for a strong software solution, which it found in tegos GmbH…


1. April 2016 — Tobias Kullmann
Tegos GmbH is an international software provider and independent software vendor (ISV) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for the recycling and waste industry, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. Their daughter company Tegos Systems Ltd. with a focus on driving international expansion has now acquired the distribution rights for the enwis)…
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