Recycling company Becker & Brügesch selects tegossuite from tegos as new platform solution.

The renowned Bremen-based recycling company Becker & Brügesch, which has been active in the waste management industry for over a century, has decided to implement tegossuite from tegos. This step is intended to further optimize its business processes and promote sustainable growth. The company, whose roots date back to the founding of Brügesch & Co in 1904 and Richard Becker Rohstoffe in 1951, and which has been merged since 2000, has made a name for itself as a reliable partner in the industry.

Tegossuite is a comprehensive software solution specifically developed to meet the needs of the recycling industry. It allows companies in the waste management and recycling sector to simplify their processes, make them more efficient, and access the latest Microsoft ERP solution. Becker & Brügesch, a pioneer in sustainable waste management, has opted for tegossuite as an integrated overall solution, replacing its previous isolated solutions. Tegossuite will help the company optimize its operational processes, use resources more efficiently, and further minimize its ecological footprint.

The decision for tegossuite was made after a thorough evaluation of various software solutions. Key factors were its flexibility, platform concept, and comprehensive support of all aspects of the recycling process. From telematics to incoming invoice workflows, document management systems, and the transparent tracking of recycling materials, tegossuite offers an integrated overall solution that meets the requirements of Becker & Brügesch in every respect.

Mr. Thiemann, Managing Director of Becker & Brügesch, expressed his pleasure about the new partnership: ‘Tegossuite is the ideal solution for us to continue growing in the future and to implement processes more efficiently for our customers. We are convinced that this innovative software will help us to further strengthen our position in the industry.’

Tegos is pleased to collaborate with Becker & Brügesch and is proud to support another leading company in the recycling industry in achieving its digital transformation goals. Ralf Linnemann, Managing Director of tegos Dortmund, commented: ‘With Becker & Brügesch, we have gained a new partner that we have known for a long time and always wanted to win as a reference. We are aware of the significance of this change for Becker & Brügesch and thank them for their trust in our solution and our employees.’

About Becker & Brügesch: Becker & Brügesch is an established recycling company based in Bremen. For over a century, the company has dedicated itself to sustainable waste management and has made a name for itself as a reliable partner in the industry.

About tegos: Tegosgroup is a leading provider of software solutions for companies in the recycling and waste disposal industry. With many years of experience and a clear focus on innovation, tegos supports companies in optimizing their processes, meeting compliance requirements, and promoting sustainable growth.

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