A Christmas party in these times? How the hell is that supposed to work? #DIFFERENT!

Last Friday was the day – our Christmas party 2020 in virtual form took place.

We were all very excited to see what this #DIFFERENT celebration would be like. And what can we say: it was super fun! Of course, it would have been better if we could have sat and celebrated together. However, it was still a cheerful event with the whole team.

The tegos Christmas angels had put together a lovely Christmas package for all of us and all countries in advance and sent it to our homes. In addition to Christmas delicacies and a voucher from a well-known online retailer, the package contained, to our great surprise, a hoodie with the inscription #DIFFERENTIATORS.


The enclosed Christmas card from our CEO’s Andreas and Ralf clarified: The special challenges of 2020, which we also had to face as tegosians and mastered in a new way but with our usual dedication, have earned us the well-deserved title #DIFFERENTIATORS.  We can now literally wear it proudly on our chests – and the majority of tegosians did so directly on the day of the Christmas party. Others displayed their own funny Christmas costumes.

“DOTHINGSDIFFERENTLY” will still remain our guiding principle in the future and will stand for our upcoming product solutions as well as for the special spirit of our company That was what Andreas and Ralf also told us personally in their welcoming speeches.

After getting into the right mood, we were now ready for fun and games. We were able to marvel at and award prizes for the results of a pre-Christmas hackathon by our developers, which were presented by the two teams formed with the meaningful names “Christmas Bakery” and “Christmas Workshop” – of course also in the Christmas “look and feel” and very vividly even for the non-IT people among us.

The highlight was the Christmas quiz game, moderated by a professional quiz master. Divided into six teams, we competed against each other to find the right answers in time. Who knew with absolute certainty what is traditionally used to decorate the Christmas tree in Ukraine? And recognising Christmas songs played backwards also had its technical pitfalls, if there wasn’t abrupt muteness when they were played. “I didn’t hear anything” became a running gag, which provided many extra laughs and an even more exuberant mood.

All in all, it was a nice, shared and #DIFFERENT end of the year. Thanks to our Christmas angels for the great planning and preparation!  Thanks to our management for the special way of appreciation you have shown us tegosians this year. We are tegos family!