Small town, big talent: tegos supports first Code+Design Camp for young people in Altenburg

The non-profit Code+Design initiative aims to attract young people to careers in digital technology. They run Code+Design camps all over Germany in which participants discover over several days the diversity the IT sector has to offer, as well as learning how to code and write apps and games, and enjoy networking opportunities.

The events have up until now all taken place in cities, as is typical with such things. But in August, all that changed. For the first time, a Code+Design Camp took place in the small rural town of Altenburg, Thuringia. The initial idea had come from a local teenager, who knew that there was plenty of talent just waiting to be discovered outside of the major cities, and who could make a real difference to the world of IT – if given the chance.

tegos recognised this, too, having recently opened a branch in Altenburg and as a staunch supporter and promoter of young IT professionals. As such, actively taking part in this seminal event went without saying.

Jan, a tegos employee in Altenburg, became coach to the 13 participants between 14 and 22 years of age, helping them with their various projects, answering their questions about his career and exciting background in IT, as well as giving them personal insights into the world of work at tegos.

The familiar atmosphere of the event with the supporting programme of activities offered gave everyone the opportunity to network informally, free from stiff professionalism. It was a very successful event, according to the unanimous opinion of all participants, who are calling for the continuation and expansion of the project.

Jan was also very impressed by the youngsters, who showed great interest and promising talent during the course. tegos can promise you one thing:  we can’t wait to support the next Code+Design Camp!

Gruppenbild Code+Design Camp
Jan (front left) with a project team