tegos customer Nickelhütte Aue starts working with comotor

In December 2012, the company announced the launch of the project, now Nickelhütte Aue GmbH started working with the enterprise software solution comotor by tegos GmbH. In just 8 months, the software solution could be implemented and adapted to the individual requirements. Both sides, Nickelhütte Aue as well as tegos, are very satisfied with the course of the project. „The people from tegos involved in the project did a good job in advising and showed a high level of expertise. […] All in all it was a pleasant project cooperation with developing problem-based solutions“, so the feedback from Nickelhütte Aue. The company is now working with a version of comotor adapted to their own requirements. In addition to the implementation of the software solution, the scale process was adapted and the warehouse was integrated. Already, 90% of the work processes in metal trade can be covered. This number will continue to rise with increasing incorporation. We wish Nickelhütte Aue a successful start with our software solution and look forward to the further cooperation!