tegos GmbH is expanding its european network of resellers

CDL SYSTEM sells and implements ERP solutions for companies of various industries. With the expansion of its portfolio to enwis), the industry solution for the recycling and waste management by tegos GmbH, the CDL SYSTEM gains a further foothold in the czech market. The cooperation complements the excellent skills of the new partner with the industry know-how that tegos GmbH has built up for more than 15 years.

The success of tegos’ decentralized distribution model is also in the knowledge of the partners who know the specifics of their particular market at best. In the end it benefits the customer who receives a software solution customized to its needs, which meets all applicable legal requirements and who is cared for locally in the implementation and application.

The Czech market so far lacks a software solution to meet the demands increasing by the unification with EU orders. With enwis), we can fill this gap and are already looking forward to a successful partnership.