tegos Group announces new update for resource, recycling & waste management software solution enwis

Mai 2018 – With its latest enwis update tegos Group is on track to reach the next milestone in the comprehensive digitization of recycling and waste management. An industry that is currently racing to catch up in digital transformation is ready for the imminent release of the premium solution, enwis.

Imagine if weighbridge operators could one day manage their scales by voice control, thus increasing throughput immensely? “This isn’t a pipe dream, we are working flat out on connecting these technologies to ensure maximum customer satisfaction,” explains Thilo Perk, Head of Business Solutions Recycling & Waste Management. “Each update further optimizes enwis, making the waste management processes considerably more efficient and easier to plan. Another step in this direction has been achieved thanks to the latest version’s feature of allowing weighbridges and scales to be connected and activated by plug & play using a so-called weighing box at different locations,” Perk continues.

The innovation team behind enwis focusses on new technologies including machine learning, voice recognition and generally deeper integration into Office 365 in order to meet the customers’ evolving needs and wishes. “Of course it’s fun to tinker and work out ways to make enwis even easier to use, for example by simplifying the contract creation process. Our priority is to reduce the number of key-presses needed by the user, and so improve efficiency whilst ensuring great usability. Also, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning opens up a whole range of new opportunities,” adds Senior Software Architect, Sven Domkowski. “Microsoft’s continual investment in their products has paid off, and this is reflected in the innovations, technologies and fantastic functionality which we then enhance for our users with some enwis magic. That’s why it’s so easy for us, for example, to offer enwis as a mobile app. Our competitors would have to put more effort in,” smiles the tech-savvy Domkowski.

With smart new individual functionality, each update becomes bigger than the sum of its parts. Thanks to its optimized item integration, enwis can now even perform complex stock value calculations. “This represents a huge added value for our customers: Because this is no longer waste we’re talking about, but valuable raw materials which, thanks to the system integration, can now be traced and calculated from A to Z,” Thilo Perk says of the newest features. “For us, every update represents a major step towards assisting our customers with the digitization of their lines of business. There is also a growing trend towards Appization, in other words the breaking up of monolithic ERP systems in favour of creating a business management suite with specialized apps that work perfectly in combination. It reminds me of a sort of switch box of possibilities,” explains the head of Business Solutions Recycling & Waste Management.

“Basically, digitization means much more than just sending PDF invoices by email instead of by post. It means, first and foremost, the transformation of entire business segments, and the creation of new lines of business by introducing new problem-solving approaches and deploying state-of-the-art technology. This includes platforms and portals that also have the potential to bring about far-reaching change in the field of waste management, but also to help our customers with the task of enforcing the Commercial Waste Ordinance by keeping their own customers informed via portals or apps. As technology advances, so do the end customers’ expectations of their waste management companies. So we see it as our task to give our customers a competitive advantageby offering, through our solutions, answers to the questions of the future,” explains Chief Operations Officer, Ingo Kailuweit. “It goes without saying that we’re dedicated to continually improving our product, just like other sectors are. To take the automotive sector as an example: Each facelift to a vehicle model is accompanied by a range of smart new features that are designed to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty – well, the IT sector works in a similar way. That’s why it’s sometimes the smaller improvements achieve the greatest benefit to the day-to-day tasks of the user. Our focus is always on the customer benefit,” Kailuweit sums up.