tegos Group helps Redooo connect recycling companies and their customers via a digital platform

Dortmund/Cologne, June 2019 – The demand for digital platforms is increasing in the waste disposal industry. For a year now, the Cologne-based startup Redooo has been connecting private and commercial customers with the Redooo platform via an app, with the aim of improving the processing of collective orders. Automated processes for neutral order placement offer great potential for increasing efficiency, which is of equal benefit to both customers and partners. The tegos Group has been supporting Redooo right from the start with the continuous automation of business processes by linking the online platform with its software, enwis.

The future of recycling is digital – there is no doubt about it! “Digital platforms that bring customers and service providers together quickly and easily are already taken for granted in other industries. It was only a matter of time before the digitalization of services also made its way into the recycling industry. It was clear to us that we wanted to help shape this development and set new standards,” explains Christoph Haub, Managing Director of Redooo.

What exactly is Redooo? Redooo enables customers to order a recycling container online without having to search for a specific supplier or compare prices. Customer enquiries received via the platform are forwarded to all Redooo partners simultaneously, with the fastest company receiving the order in the end. There are also many advantages for the partners. By automating the entire process, from requesting a quote to handling payments, waste disposal companies benefit from significant administrative and cost savings.

For the mapping of the process automation Redooo relied on the tegos Group from Dortmund, with its expertise in industry and IT, gathered over many years. “The challenges in the project with Redooo lay in marrying an online platform with an industry-specific ERP system – in this case our solution “enwis” – in such a way that no manual steps are necessary at the end”, explains Jan Pätzold, Business Solutions Consultant at tegos Group. “For example, with enwis a container order received via Redooo is directly converted into an order and automatically generated as a purchase invoice and sales credit note – manual entry of the order is no longer necessary,” continues Jan Pätzold.
Thanks to the tegos Group’s agile development process, it was possible to deliver optimal results to Redooo quickly and to optimise the process automation step by step. In the future, this agile approach will be continued and the Redooo platform will be continuously optimised.