tegos Partner qurius – Prodware Belgium optimises business processes on behalf of Energo Zelena

Kontich – Belgium | The Belgo-Serbian partnership Energo Zelena has launched construction work on Serbia’s very first animal waste processing plant, in compliance with the most stringent environmental and safety standards. This EUR 21 million-investment will be operational by autumn 2012. Enwis) has been chosen to underpin the plant’s processes. This extension, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, will be rolled out by Qurius-Prodware Belgium.

This waste treatment facility in Indija has been set up in response to the Serbian government’s Clean Serbia project, designed to address the problem of waste in general in Serbia. This animal waste processing plant is a so-called „zero waste“ plant, which means that the waste is recycled and put to good use. The liquid fat and powdered meat and bone remaining after processing are used as fuel to produce energy. The wastewater is treated on site to obtain river water quality.

Technical validation has shown that all operational processes could be easily recorded with enwis) through the combination of scales and the weighing device on board the lorries. The stringent reporting and transport requirements can thus be observed. Enwis) will support the organisation of Energo Zelena – from the offer to the contracting phase, including invoicing and accounting – all from a single integrated platform.

Energo Zelena is the fruit of a partnership between Electrawinds, a Belgian green energy company (majority shareholder) and private investors. This animal waste processing plant in Indija is the first outcome of a collaboration that first got off the ground three years ago.

Electrawinds is a Belgian company that has earned a reputation in the field of renewable energies. This green electricity producer injects considerable added value to the Energo Zelena project: Electrawinds operates different biomass plants running on animal and vegetable fats. Electrawinds is also active in wind and solar power and has a local team in Serbia entrusted with the development of various wind farms.

Qurius – Prodware Belgium is an IT solution provider: design, architecture, infrastructure, implementation and management system for enterprise and IT solutions based on Microsoft. They serve the needs of a European clientele from their offices in Belgium

Electrawinds Belgium:

John Cordierlaan 9, B8400 Ostend, www.electrawinds.be
Qurius Prodware Belgium: Satenrozen 1B, B2550 Kontich, www.qurius.be