tegos User Day 2014 – software meets the Wild West

On September, 25th the third tegos User Day was held, as usual, in a special surrounding. After the Arena Auf Schalke and the racetrack in Bremen the solution provider and users met in the Wild West this year. Not by smoke signals, but in interesting lectures the users got to know the latest news about the solutions of tegos GmbH Dortmund and the sales partner mse Halle. Also, the industry association bvse sent his communication sherrif who reported on the latest legal developments in the industry.

The main topics were the latest developments from Microsoft. Software technology is more and more offered in the cloud, for example as an internet-based service instead oft he usual local applications. How will this be used for Dynamics NAV, enwis) and comotor? This was discussed but it was also ensured that there will be no jumo in the cold water.

Already running in the cloud are the new Office 365 solutions that were presented at the User Day. The internet-based feature offers the advantage that documents can be stored and managed centrally and the cooperation of employees on up to 5 devices per user is optimized. Do you have questions about this offer? Our team is happy to help!

tegos announced a very special treat to their customers in this day. Although the saying „Indians know no pain“ is true, they should occasionally visit their medicine man. The same applies to software solutions and their use in business. Unlike other providers, tegos offers customers two consulting days each year on which tegos gets together with the user of the solution, observes work routines and develops optimization potential. The customer will always be up to date in terms of new features and users benefit from optimized workflows.

In the afternoon, the group visited Arnold Menshen GmbH & Co. KG in Werdohl. Thanks tot he interesting and entertaining guided tour by the Managing Director Dirk Janssen they got an impression oft he local work processes. The recently obtained premise even has a gym fort he employees which made some visitors sweat just looking at it.

The cowboy who put his thumb in the air on the way back to Elspe also had to sweat, hoping that the bus would stop and give him a ride. The guest were generous so he could enter the bus and thanked them by playing a few songs on his guitar until the arrival.

On the site some cowboys and saloon dancers were waiting for the arrival of tegos users and greeted them with musicand dance. A rustic food and a wild western framework program made ​​for an atmospheric end of the User Day. In the glow of the campfire and the sound of acoustic guitars, the group had to end the day.

We thank all participants for the both interesting and entertaining day that for sure no one will forget soon, looking forward to the implementation of new ideas and already a great User Day 2015!