The tegos Group supports a waste and recycling management project in Tunisia

The tegos Group was invited to Tunisia for a business trip on the subject of waste and recycling management. The trip, conducted by the German-Tunisian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Tunisia) and the Africa society event Limited, was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).

Ralf Linnemann, CEO tegos Group, and Miguel Flaminio, Head of Business Solutions Commodity Trading, gained a good understanding of the difficult situation and the simplified recycling opportunities.

„The severe state of recycling in the country are severely affecting the environment. As a result, all of the country’s waste ends up on a farm – this pile of rubbish is growing every day. Even if the way of recycling is not yet mature, I see a very great potential to change this,“ reports Miguel Flaminio from the trip.

The BMWi gives an insight into the conditions on site: Every year, Tunisia produces around 2.7 million tonnes of household waste. In recent years, only around 70 percent of waste has been stored in controlled landfills.

The logistical problem of disposing of the waste yourself is not the main problem – types of waste do not find their way into the right disposal containers. „Deficient recycling practices and a lack of systems to cover waste disposal costs“ are therefore the country’s real problem, according to the BMWi.

The demand for local assistance was high – in some cases internationally funded initiatives are already in place to promote the construction of professional landfills and transhipment stations.

The political awareness for an improved waste disposal governance seems to have grown, so that the tegos Group presented an offer at the conference.

„We are pleased to be able to help the industry in Tunisia with our know-how. In the coming years we want to place projects and references on site and thus start where the recycling structures are still under construction with our software solution enwis“, says Ralf Linnemann at the end of the business initiation trip.